Cash Letter

Community Bankers’ Bank (CBB) Cash Letter product gives CBB the ability to accept full settlement on your behalf. By accepting transactions on your behalf, CBB assumes all responsibility for daylight overdrafts caused by the posting of these entries to your account. This protects your bank from daylight overdraft fees or the pledging of securities to the Federal Reserve, and gives you these additional benefits …

  • It maximizes your bank’s cash position
  • Statements are available throughout the day via our online communication product, CBLink
  • It lowers your costs, increases available funds, and improves earnings by efficiently managing your liquidity
  • You’ll receive earnings credits on balances to offset monthly analysis charges

CBB and our partner, FIS Endpoint Exchange Network deliver a complete image cash letter clearing solution through Community Bankers’ Clearing Network (CBCN). This solution delivers end-to-end support for all check image exchange activity, driving cost out of the process each step of the way. CBCN can help your institution reap the full benefits of the investments you have already made in check capture and image-enabled item processing.

CBCN gives your institution …

  • Lower clearing costs
  • Improved availability
  • Co-mingled (unsorted) cash letter support
  • Full support of Day 2 exchange (returns and adjustments)
  • Sponsored Electronic Check Clearing House Organization (ECCHO) membership