Client Team


Comm Bankers Bank 81683

Charles B. Akers

Assistant Vice President
Senior Credit Analyst
804-794-5885 ext. 124

Comm Bankers Bank 81655

Jo Ellen Archer

Senior Vice President
Investment Officer & Regional Manager
Virginia and West Virginia Office

Wes Caudell

Wes Caudell

Vice President
Investment Representative
FNBB Capital Markets
866-405-6864 FREE / 205-354-5700
CBB Investment Services

Comm Bankers Bank 4108

Robin L. Cupka

Senior Vice President
Senior Loan Officer

Comm Bankers Bank 81689

Shannon E. Hairfield

Vice President
Operations and IT
804-794-5885 ext. 131

Comm Bankers Bank 4037

Stephen R. Kinnier

Senior Vice President & CFO
804-794-5885 ext 127

Comm Bankers Bank 81657

Christopher C. Lyman

Senior Internal Auditor

Comm Bankers Bank 81670

Emily K. Maze

Vice President
Loan Portfolio Officer
804-794-5885 ext. 133

Comm Bankers Bank 4059

John S. Mazzocchi, Jr.

Senior Vice President
Credit Risk Review

Comm Bankers Bank 4128

Kathleen R. Mojica

Vice President
Correspondent Services Manager

Comm Bankers Bank 4088

Krista Y. Moyer

Assistant Vice President
Senior Portfolio Manager
804-794-5885 ext. 129

Howard Portrait

Howard F. Pisons

President & CEO
804-794-5885 ext. 116

Comm Bankers Bank 4063

Raymond L. Sleater

Vice President
Credit Risk Review

Comm Bankers Bank 4025

Nancy S. Sullivan

Senior Vice President
Chief Credit Officer
804-794-5885 ext. 123

Comm Bankers Bank 81700

Wendy Conley Wright

Senior Vice President Operations & IT
804-794-5885 ext. 119