Client Team


G. William "Billy" Beale

President & CEO
804-794-5885 ext. 116

Comm Bankers Bank 81683

Charles B. Akers

Assistant Vice President
Senior Credit Analyst
804-794-5885 ext. 124

Comm Bankers Bank 81655

Jo Ellen Archer

Senior Vice President
Investment Officer & Regional Manager
Virginia and West Virginia Office

Wes Caudell

Wes Caudell

Vice President
Investment Representative
FNBB Capital Markets
866-405-6864 FREE / 205-354-5700
CBB Investment Services

Comm Bankers Bank 4108

Robin L. Cupka

Senior Vice President
Senior Loan Officer

Comm Bankers Bank 81689

Shannon E. Hairfield

Vice President
Operations and IT
804-794-5885 ext. 131

Comm Bankers Bank 4037

Stephen R. Kinnier

Senior Vice President & CFO
804-794-5885 ext 127

Comm Bankers Bank 81670

Emily K. Maze

Vice President
Loan Portfolio Officer
804-794-5885 ext. 133

Comm Bankers Bank 4088

Krista Y. Moyer

Assistant Vice President
Senior Portfolio Manager
804-794-5885 ext. 129

Comm Bankers Bank 4025

Nancy S. Sullivan

Senior Vice President
Chief Credit Officer
804-794-5885 ext. 123

Comm Bankers Bank 81700

Wendy Conley Wright

Senior Vice President Operations & IT
804-794-5885 ext. 119

Comm Bankers Bank 81700

Rose Washofsky

Senior Vice President & Regional Manager
North Carolina and South Carolina Office