Community Leasing Partner


Community Bankers’ Bank and our partner, Community Leasing Partners (CLP), offer you two ways to grow earning assets.

First, you can participate in municipal lease-purchases that we offer through CLP. Lease-purchase agreements are useful tools for municipalities to finance capital equipment purchases such as fire trucks and fire equipment, ambulances, school buses, police cars, snow plows, etc. Second, originate your own municipal lease activity with our support. With CBB you’ll have more options to compete for municipal business without increasing overhead. We can assist in structuring, negotiating, documenting, closing, and servicing the opportunities that you originate in your municipality.

What’s more municipal leases are often tax-exempt and CRA eligible, you’ll expand your C&I portfolio and you’ll discover that you can go head-to-head with larger financial institutions because of your relationships within your community.

For more information, contact your Regional Manager.