Connecting With CBLink

This online technology allows your financial institution to exchange information with us over the Internet and to access FED services typically offered through Fedline Advantage and FedWeb, including …

  • Wire transfers
  • ACH Services, including returns, Notifications of Change (NOCs), International ACH Transactions (IAT) with OFAC screening, and ACH activity reports
  • Large dollar notifications
  • FED Adjustments
  • Coin and currency orders
  • FED statement delivery

CBLink gives your bank many cost-effective benefits …

  • You can view daily statements, transaction history, and Fed Funds rates
  • It’s available to multiple locations
  • CBB delivers periodic, daily, and monthly statements
  • System automation reduces operator time and possibility of human error
  • OFAC services
  • Receipt of incoming and outgoing wire notifications
  • Initiate domestic and international wire transactions easily
  • Gain 24/7 access to detailed account information and balances
  • Access international exchange transactions
  • Enjoy Internet access through multi-layered security
  • You have contingency back-up service for Fedline services such as wire transfers
  • It eliminates the need for duplicate connectivity systems
  • You’ll have the ability to import domestic wires from your core system