Consulting Services

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Important Consulting Services from CBB

Our subsidiary, CB Consulting Services, has extensive experience in key areas such as internal audit, loan review, information technology, penetration testing and much more. Our professionals keep abreast of banking regulations, legislation, and industry trends, so your management team will be assured of up-to-date-expertise.

Loan Review

Boost confidence in the quality of your loan portfolio, risk management practices and loan loss reserves by incorporating our loan review expertise into your credit risk management strategy.

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Internal Audit

Our team of consultants tailors their audit approach to maximize their productivity and address the nuances of your operations to achieve greater efficiency.  Moreover, our service is a cost effective option to having a staff auditor on your payroll.

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Management Services

Our alliance partner, KBS Results LLC, understands that many, if not most, community banks have more projects and tasks than they have the capacity to handle.  Now, with KBS you have flexible access to senior-level expertise from an executive and financial management team that possesses a wide range of in-demand skills for the extra capacity that you desire.

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