Vintage inscription made by old typewriter, Story of success
In 1986, a dozen Virginia community banks led the organizational effort to establish a Commonwealth of Virginia chartered Bankers’ Bank. The vision was to become the correspondent bank and financial services provider of choice for community banks in Virginia. In 1987, Virginia Bankers’ Bank (VBB) opened its doors to do just that.

In 1996, VBB expanded its market to serve community banks across the Fifth Federal Reserve District of Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Maryland and the District of Columbia, and we changed our name to Community Bankers’ Bank (CBB) to better reflect our new footprint.  In 2009, CBB Financial Corp. was formed as a holding company for CBB.

CBB is a hybrid financial institution.  As a state-chartered federally-regulated bank, we are expected to abide by all of the regulations and guidelines that govern community banks.  We’re also a cooperatively-owned bank, founded to be a dedicated service resource for our owners and clients with their best interests always in mind.  Furthermore, as a bank solely owned by community banks, directed by community bank executives, and only doing business with community banks, we feel a strong kinship to them.  We understand their challenges, strive to assist them in achieving their goals, support them in difficult times, and advocate for all of us at state and federal levels.

We thrive on building partnerships with our shareholders and clients to help them succeed and for our cooperative to achieve its maximum potential.  For us, their success is our success.