Investment Services


The community banks we serve rely heavily on active portfolio management to maximize revenue and profitability. We partner with FNBB Capital Markets, a wholly owned subsidiary of First National Bankers’ Bank, to offer portfolio analytics, asset liability management, investment sales, bank-owned life insurance (BOLI), portfolio accounting – and we also hold over $1 billion in safekeeping for our client banks.

Securities Sales & Purchases

We’re a resource that you can rely on for solutions to your investment and related regulatory challenges. Our team of investment professionals will work with you to find the products or services that best accomplish your goals. We will maximize your investment with timely guidance and responsive trading.

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In partnership with FNBB Capital Markets, our comprehensive safekeeping service delivers rapid and accurate information about your bank’s securities with secure Internet access to information and activity.

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Portfolio Accounting

Let us handle this time-consuming work for you while you concentrate your resources on your customers. Our comprehensive, cost-effective technology gives you rapid and accurate information regarding your bank’s portfolio accounting.

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Asset Liability Management

Your bank can harness the power of Sunguard through FNBB Capital Markets partnership. Sunguard’s Ambit Asset Liability Management (ALM) platform gives you complete multi-dimensional analysis of your balance sheet using deterministic and stochastic modeling.

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Bank-Owned Life Insurance

Through our partnership with FNBB Capital Markets, Community Bankers’ Bank is able to offer community banks like yours the benefits of Bank-Owned Life Insurance (BOLI), which helps to offset the costs of your employee benefit programs.

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CBB Certificates Of Deposit

Our Certificates of Deposit are an alternative short-term investment option as you anticipate a higher interest rate environment.

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Virginia Treasury Board

CBB is an approved escrow agent for the securities required when you purchase public funds.

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Public Funds CDs

The PFCD Program is a competitive source for balance sheet funding and can be considered as a supplement to more expensive wholesale and retail deposits.

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