Loan Participations

On occasion, you may require help to make a loan to a valuable customer that would otherwise cause you to exceed your lending limit, or a concentration level for an asset class in your portfolio. Your strategy may also include growing earning assets by purchasing advantageously priced and structured sub-participation loans from a specialist like CBB.

Either way our loan participation service is the solution for you. We’ll give you a strong indication of our interest within 48 hours so you can quickly respond to your customer and keep the door closed to your competitors. Our staff is steeped in credit knowledge and experience to assist in evaluating structure and pricing. We also perform a detailed loan underwriting, so if you are sub-participating in a loan with us you’ll know that we have vetted the loan and are on-board too. All in all, we’ll slash your management and administration burden so that your lenders can get back to doing what they do best…originating new deals and serving the needs of their customers.