Loan Review

Since your loan portfolio represents the biggest proportion of your bank’s assets, it can impact your bank in good or bad ways. Many community banks have told us, “As our loan portfolio goes – so goes our bank.” With that in mind, consider engaging us to help you determine the soundness of your loan portfolio and adequacy of your loan loss reserves.

We’ll help you identify credit deficiencies to mitigate loan losses and to improve profitability. We’ll assess the repayment risk of your borrowers, the capacity of pledged collateral, the accuracy of assigned risk grades and the adequacy of your loan documentation, to provide insight into the quality of your loan portfolio.

A keen credit eye refined over decades, a consultative approach, and prudent and realistic recommendations are the foundation of our service. And, our loan review consultants are keenly aware of costs, our rates are competitive, and we give discounts to our shareholders for a return on their investment in CBB.