Press Release

MIDLOTHIAN, VA, February 6, 2020 – North Carolina based Source4 is collaborating with Community Bankers’ Bank (CBB) to deliver integrated business and marketing solutions to community banks in the Fifth Federal Reserve District.

G. William Beale, President and CEO of CBB, declares, “My experience indicates that community banks often face difficulties controlling the purchase and storage of office supplies and marketing materials. Purchases from multiple sources and rouge buying can result in over-purchasing and varied bank logo formats. Source4 provides a single source for purchasing office supplies and marketing materials, which will reduce a bank’s non-interest expense and ease financial reporting.”

Kevin Gannon, President, Source4, stated: “Source4’s elevator pitch is we reduce “non-interest expenses,” both in hard and soft costs while improving internal processes within the financial institution. We streamline the requisitioning, purchasing, accountability, and distribution to the branches by installing (no cost) our Enterprise E-Supply Chain/Marketing Portal. We guarantee a minimum savings of 10% in supply costs and 15% in process improvement.”

About Community Bankers’ Bank

Community Bankers’ Bank is a state-chartered bankers’ bank that is owned and directed by independent community banks in the Fifth Federal Reserve District. It gives community banks unique and outstanding value by the economies of scale it creates as a bank-cooperative and always as a bank partner, never a competitor. It provides many of the products and services that banks need to operate and excel. Its competitive pricing and superior service make it a vital resource for community banks.  Visit our website or LinkedIn page to learn more.

About Source4

Source4, a national company, specializes in reducing “non-interest” expenses and improving internal processes for Community Banks. Our team performs a “no-cost” financial assessment on internal and external operational, distribution, and marketing expenses, which results in “guaranteed” cost savings for the Community Bank.

Source4’s savings program includes the installation of our client specific E-Portal, that streamlines the requisitioning, distribution, and purchasing processes for the banks’ locations. Source4 has over 85 financial institutions utilizing its savings program and E-Portal.

For further information, please contact

Billy Beale
President & CEO

Rose Washofsky
SVP, Regional Manager

Leesa McShane
SVP, Regional Manager

Jo Ellen McKinley
SVP, Regional Manager & Investment Officer