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The power of partnership

Active Portfolio Management

We give you the active portfolio management you rely on to maximize your revenue and profitability. Through our partnership with FNBB Capital Markets—a wholly owned subsidiary of First National Bankers’ Bank—we’re able to serve your needs with portfolio analytics, asset liability management, investment sales, bank-owned life insurance (BOLI), and portfolio accounting. We also hold over $1 billion in safekeeping for our client banks.

Asset Liability Management

Managing risk effectively means looking beyond interest rates and incorporating every tool and technology at hand. With CBB your bank can harness the power of Sunguard through FNBB Capital Markets partnership, a model program that’s received the highest grade and been independently certified by McGuire Performance Solutions.

Bank Owned Life Insurance

Through our partnership with FNBB Capital Markets, we are able to help community banks like yours offset the costs of your employee benefit programs by offering Bank-Owned Life Insurance (BOLI) policies. BOLI is a tax-favored asset with returns that typically exceed after-tax returns of more traditional bank investments.

Portfolio Accounting

CBB works with FNBB Capital Markets Portfolio Accounting to provide comprehensive, cost-effective Portfolio Accounting that uses state-of-the-art technology producing rapid and accurate information. We’ll handle the time-consuming work while you focus on your customers.

Securities Sales and Purchases

Our team of investment professionals works with your bank to find the products or services that best accomplish your goals. Our experienced portfolio managers offer timely guidance and responsive trading to maximize your investment.


We work with our safekeeping partner, FNBB Capital Markets, to offer banks like yours a comprehensive safekeeping service that delivers rapid and accurate information about your bank’s securities through secure Internet access. Both CBB and FNBB are qualified escrow agents in VA & NC.

The Power of Partnership

The cumulative power of what Community Bankers’ Bank create through partnership – and what our banks in our collective perpetuate through cooperation – has strengthened and empowered community banks in the Fifth District since 1987. This CBB tenet of coming together, pulling together and growing together is the heart of our existence and the soul of the people who work here.

We Are all about community

Why Community Bankers' Bank

We know community banking because community banking is in our DNA. CBB is cooperatively owned by community banks, run by community bank  executives and only works with community banks.

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