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The Power Of Partnership

Keep Your Business Moving And Competitive

We help our partners stay competitive and offer their customers more with correspondent services like cash management, domestic and international funds transfers and cash letter products. With CBB you never go it alone. We’re always available with responsive and reliable support.

Cash Management

CBB cash management clients have their available funds fully invested daily to maximize yield. Our team of experienced and helpful account representatives monitor your bank’s available balances every day and sweep funds in and out when necessary to help manage your bank’s liquidity needs.

Cash Letter

When you choose our Cash Letter product we accept full settlement on your behalf and can protect your bank from daylight overdraft fees thanks to our tri-party agreement between CBB, the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond, and your bank.

Fed Funds

CBB can help you meet your daily liquidity needs with our Federal Funds sales/purchase program. We continuously monitor the Fed Funds market to ensure that you receive the best possible rates, and sell your excess liquidity to highly-rated domestic financial institutions. We’re also able to consolidate individual banks’ funds into large blocks, attracting higher rates and minimizing risk.

International Services

Our partnership with Currency Exchange International (CXI) allows us to help you provide your customers a safe and efficient way to complete international transactions globally. Use our international services to save your customers time and money while boosting your bank’s non-interest income and overall customer satisfaction.

The Power of Partnership

The cumulative power of what Community Bankers’ Bank creates through partnership – and what our banks in our collective perpetuate through cooperation – has strengthened and empowered community banks in the Fifth District since 1987. This CBB tenet of coming together, pulling together and growing together is the heart of our existence and the soul of the people who work here.

We Are all about community

Why Community Bankers' Bank

We know community banking because community banking is in our DNA. CBB is cooperatively owned by community banks, run by community bank  executives and only works with community banks.

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