Resourceful. Responsive. Reliable.


Delivering invaluable guidance and direction

Our keen awareness of banking regulations and legislation, and steep industry experience, will help you unravel the inherent risks of your bank, and unveil creative strategies and risk management solutions for you.

Supporting community banks as a powerful partner

Our correspondent service is the fundamental back-office operation that keeps your business moving, helps you compete, and bolsters your goals for your customers.

Advancing solutions for all of your credit needs

From loan participations, to help you keep your good customers, to offering you sub-participations, holding company and Reg-O loans, and real estate appraisal services…we stand ready for you.

Offering investment products specifically tailored for you

Working in partnership with FNBB Capital Markets, Community Bankers’ Bank delivers fixed-asset products to meet your investment objectives, and a robust portfolio management platform, so that you can focus on other important matters.

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