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The Power Of Partnership

Expand Your Lending Capabilities

Our unique business model brings all our resources to bear, including those of our client banks and network of resources, to grow your lending capabilities. Whether it’s extending your lending limit, diversifying your portfolio or managing your balance sheet, partnering with us means the sky’s the limit when it comes to what you can offer your customers. 

Loan Participations

We help you build relationships and better serve your community even when your borrower’s needs exceed your lending limits.  We can help you grow earning assets through sub-participation loans.  Or, we can assist you in managing your balance sheet by reducing your loan concentrations.

Fed Funds Facilities

CBB can help you meet your short-term liquidity needs with our competitively priced secured & unsecured Fed Funds Facilities. Your bank has additional liquidity when you need it, along with the added benefit of shareholder and cash letter customer pricing.

Reg O Loans

We offer your officers and directors secured and unsecured term loans and lines of credit to purchase bank stock, finance a business, or finance a child’s education without having to deal with Regulation O. All loans ensure privacy and avoid conflicts of interest.

Bank Holding Company Loans

Your bank benefits when CBB provides a holding company loan because borrowed funds can be downstream to your subsidiary as equity – a cost-effective way to raise capital without diluting shareholders. We can provide flexible structuring to support stock buy backs, liquidity and ESOPS.

SBA Lending

Our partnership with Strategic Banking Partners can give your bank expanded SBA services almost immediately without the need to make a large investment in staffing and infrastructure. It also reduces risk from 50% to 90% through specific guarantees on individual loans and gives your bank the ability to broaden your customer base.

Appraisal Management Services

To address regulations on third party appraisal reviews, Community Bankers’ Bank can offer your bank independent appraisal reviews through our alliance with Collier’s International Valuation and Advisory Services and save the cost of increasing staff or paying for more training.

Municipal Leasing

Our partnership with Community Leasing Partners (“CLP”) helps you grow your earnings assets. With our support you gain the ability to participate in essential equipment financing transactions in your community. We also provide the in-house expertise and capacity to directly bid on projects in the community you serve.

The Power of Partnership

The cumulative power of what Community Bankers’ Bank creates through partnership – and what our banks in our collective perpetuate through cooperation – has strengthened and empowered community banks in the Fifth District since 1987. This CBB tenet of coming together, pulling together and growing together is the heart of our existence and the soul of the people who work here.

We Are all about community

Why Community Bankers’ Bank

We know community banking because community banking is in our DNA. CBB is cooperatively owned by community banks, run by community bank  executives and only works with community banks.

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