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The Power Of Partnership

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Over the years, Community Banker’s Bank has formed alliances with many best-of-class partners, to offer your bank executive and financial management expertise, and a host of useful services for your customers. Through these partnerships we help you with electronic payment solutions, branded credit cards, international currency and other solutions your customers demand. For more information on any of our partners, please contact your Regional Manager.

Cash Management Services

Our cash management clients can deploy excess liquidity through CBB to earn interest in a safe and secure place. Our team of experienced and helpful account representatives monitor your bank’s available balances every day and sweep funds in and out when necessary to cover your bank’s DDA account.

Certificates of Deposit

CBB certificates of deposit give your bank an alternative short-term investment option that’s safe, stable and has the advantage of a fixed rate. We offer various term and rate options to accommodate most banks’ short-term investment strategies.


Brand new to CBB, our MMDA accounts offer our customers variable, floating rates and the ability to book income from interest. Tiered rates are based on the average daily balance on deposit and a minimum of $100,000 is required to open an account.

The Power of Partnership

The cumulative power of what Community Bankers’ Bank creates through partnership – and what our banks in our collective perpetuate through cooperation – has strengthened and empowered community banks in the Fifth District since 1987. This CBB tenet of coming together, pulling together and growing together is the heart of our existence and the soul of the people who work here.

We Are all about community

Why Community Bankers' Bank

We know community banking because community banking is in our DNA. CBB is cooperatively owned by community banks, run by community bank  executives and only works with community banks.

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