Press Release

MIDLOTHIAN, VA, March 10, 2020 – Community Bankers’ Bank (CBB) announced the addition of St. Louis based TechGuard Security to its list of strategic alliance partners for 2020.

“Most companies, and community banks, know that the primary weak point in information security is their people. TechGuard offers the perfect educational and phishing e-mail tools to build employee awareness and test your team. I believe our partnership with TechGuard offers the community bank the most effective solution on the market today.” Stated G. William Beale, Preside and CEO of Community Bankers’ Bank.

Senior Manager of Global Cybersecurity Sales, Michael Ludgate, said, “At TechGuard, we share the same values as CBB – together, our mission is to serve and support community banks. One of the biggest threats to any community bank is a cybersecurity-related incident. We are pleased to partner with CBB to help protect the members and reduce the risk of an incident. We will accomplish this by providing world-class online security awareness training to address the greatest vulnerability – human error.”

About Community Bankers’ Bank

Community Bankers’ Bank is a state-chartered bankers’ bank that is owned and directed by independent community banks in the Fifth Federal Reserve District. It gives community banks unique and outstanding value by the economies of scale it creates as a bank-cooperative and always as a bank partner, never a competitor. It provides many of the products and services that banks need to operate and excel. Its competitive pricing and superior service make it a vital resource for community banks.  Visit our website or LinkedIn page to learn more.

About TechGuard Security

TechGuard Security was founded to address national cyber defense needs and to protect the U.S. critical infrastructure. For the past 20 years, TechGuard Security has earned a reputation of being one of the most trusted partners to financial institutions, the Department of Defense, and business of all sizes. Our team takes a security first approach, always ensuring corporate transparency, implementation of best practices, and operational excellence. TechGuard has a proven track record for keeping our customers a step ahead of attackers by delivering a diverse array of cyber solutions that include both offensive and defensive measures.

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Billy Beale
President & CEO

Rose Washofsky
SVP, Regional Manager

Leesa McShane
SVP, Regional Manager

Jo Ellen McKinley
SVP, Regional Manager & Investment Officer